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ThousandEyes Terms of Use

Following思科’s acquisition of ThousandEyes, the ThousandEyes Terms of Use have been replaced with the Cisco End User License Agreement(“eula”). 


ThousandEyes shall provide support for your ThousandEyes Service under the following terms:


ThousandEyes's Service is designed with privacy and security in mind. We comply with the terms of Cisco’s Master Data Protection Agreement.

隐私与trust - Subprocessors

A list of subprocessors currently authorized by ThousandEyes to process Customer Data and assist ThousandEyes in the provision of Services can be found here:

隐私与trust -隐私Sheet

The ThousandEyes隐私数据Sheet, which describes our Services and how each Service collects and processes your personal data may be found on 思科信托门户

隐私与trust - Account Recommendations

ThousandEyes recommends customars follow these guidelines to better protect their passwords and accounts:


A list of our patents can be found here:

Compliance and英特尔公司Property - RIPE

ThousandEyes utilizes data from RIPE, 安诺-for-profit Network Coordination Centre, to add provider diversity to our BGP product offerings. You can learn more about RIPE here:

Order Form Supplements

Additional terms may govern the use of certain ThousandEyes offerings:

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